Sep 172012
Members Present:
Teachers:  Rich Weber, Matt Pellico, Sally Niedermeyer, Steve Curley
Parents:  Lisa Wilcke
Students:  Sabrina Mohammed
Alumni/Community:  Dale Bajema
Administrators:  Carol Campbell, Jeandré Carbone, Barry Phillips
Classified:  Miranda Ryan (Career Coordinator)
Introduction:  Members introduced themselves including name, association to Benson (parent, teacher, etc.).
Goals for this year:  Review and establish Site Council By-Laws, review and monitor the School Improvement Plan, create a 5-year plan for Benson, examine curricular offerings and make recommendations based on current enrollment, review current schedule and problem solve issues such as study halls and open periods.
Participate in High School Re-design review
Share successes with community
Bring visitors to building
Contact/visit other high schools with long range plans in place-Aviation High School in Seattle
Re-institute Tech Time for all freshmen
Add more computer access for students
Achievement data:   Will be shared at next meeting
Back-to-School Night:  September 18th  6-8:00 p.m.
We discussed the format that was used last year and all agreed that the bell schedule was too hectic and parents who could not come at the beginning were unable to see some teachers.
We came up with a plan that includes a meeting for freshmen parents from 6-6:30 followed by an open house for all parents.  Clubs and activities will have information in the cafeteria, edbox information will be in the library and the counseling and career center will be open.  Teachers will be in their classrooms to hand out information and meet parents.
We will also include information about and opportunities to sign up for PTSA, Booster Club and Site Council
Time for meetings:  We changed the time to 4:30 to accommodate parents last
year.  Should we change back to 3:30 so more teachers and students might attend?  Suggestions?
There was agreement to change the next meeting to 4:00 to get more students to attend.

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